Course that provides a limited number of number of participants ranged from 4 to 12/14. The registration fee for this course includes the consumption of prepared foods. Our cooking classes have both technical and cultural approach by having the target on the one hand to provide knowledge about the history, customs and traditions of the local dishes, the other to teach to prepare the perfect menu style and Siena to combine the aromas and flavors of Tuscan cuisine. Thanks to our cooking class you can enjoy preparing delicious food and, on returning home, you can surprise your friends with new skills to learn how to prepare it for delicate hand-made noodles or bread soups, to cook delicious roasted birds, but also to prepare delicious desserts in the traditional cuisine of Siena.

Guests can take private lessons, after which will follow the tasting of dishes prepared, or complete courses lasting 3 lessons. At the end of the course will also be a wine tasting with a sommelier.

Number: 4 to 12/14 participants
Typical dishes Siena: Crostini spleen soup, bread, duck neck, hand-made noodles, baked vegetables, bird roast, sweets.Private lessons - complete courses in three classes Wine Tasting with Sommelier.

Every hour there is a bus to Siena.

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