Restaurant in a farmhouse, a stone's throw from Siena

Ristorante in agriturismo

At the restaurant of Grotta di Montecchino you can enjoy the traditional Tuscan recipes, in particular in the area of Siena, where the farm is located. The environment, is friendly and down to every detail, offers a simple and accurate. The dishes, whose recipes have been handed down for generations, are highly valued for their purity and their taste, derived from a careful selection of ingredients from mostly local.

At the restaurant you can enjoy gourmet hors d'oeuvres like toasts to the spleen, a delicate pasta, prepared in the traditional way and still used to provide our customers with delicious pasta sauces, and a wide variety of soups, all prepared with a good Tuscan bread. Among the other treats that will delight your palate mention baked vegetables, neck roast duck and delicious bird. Finally, you can finish the meal by choosing from a wide variety of sweets in our area and prepared at home.

Ristorante in agriturismo
Every hour there is a bus to Siena.

Agriturismo La Grotta di Montecchino
Via Grossetana, 87
Loc. S. Andrea a Montecchio
53010 - Siena
Toscana - Italy
Tel.: +39 0577 394250
Cel.: +39 335 6151494
Fax: +39 0577 313006